We are growing thanks to supports from the Canadian and Quebecois reseach and development fundings.
Project: Method for room atmosphere processable doped mixed cation perovskite material.
   Our goal here is further technology development for upscaling the processes and reactors of perovskite synthesis since the upscaling is one of the critical steps in commercialization of our products. This technology should allow us to produce large quantity without affecting the lab scale quality and performances of the material.
Program : “Progamme de Soutien aux Organismes de recherché et d’innovation” (PSO)
Partners: ALIGO Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) and ETS.
Fund : 25 000 $.
Project duration: 6 months.
Project: Business development.
   Pi-SOL Technologies Inc. was selected to integrate the prestigious acceleration programme of Centech incubator in order to further develop our business model.
Program : Programme Centech Accélération
Partners: Centech and ETS.
Fund : NA.
Project duration: 12 weeks.